Contextual Representation of Objects and Events in Language

Part of the Joint Ontology Workshop (JOWO)

Bolzano, Italy, September 21-23

The CREOL workshop is an international venue focussed on investigating the relationship between representations of objects and events in ontological and linguistic resources, and their interpretation in their context of occurrence.

Dealing with context is a key factor in the conceptualization of human experience, and thus a major issue for understanding natural language. It is well known that some properties of objects and events may be activated according to the context of occurrence, thus determining access to partial salient information rather than to all information. One typical case involving objects is that of an orange being passed between two children, or the same orange peeled on a table: in the former case the roundness prevails over other traits, and the orange is being used to play; in the latter one, the edible features are those mostly conveyed by the scene.

Contextual access to objects and events needs to be investigated at its interface with language. The design of ontological and linguistic resources that account for the mentioned semantic phenomena involves collecting contextual information and devising context-aware procedures.
CREOL proposes an innovative formula for deepening scientific and technological issues, mixing standard scientific paper presentations and fast pitches followed by group discussions. Please find out more at the Aims & Scope page.


Two invited speakers have been confirmed at JOWO this year, Todd Oakley and Giancarlo Guizzardi. Further, as part of the social program of JOWO, there will be performances from the Music Conservatory Claudio Monteverdi, led by Nicola Baroni. Further details are on the JOWO website: